Christmas Decor: Decking the Halls

I love decorating for the holidays. I wish the rest of my family enjoyed it as much as I do; maybe when my children are older they will. Mark always does the tree lights, for which I'm grateful, but then I'm pretty much on my own.

I had always been one of those "the more decorations the better" types, but I have edited down to a more manageable number of decorations over the years. The focus is our main floor, where we put our "formal" tree with all the gifts that are for others. Every year I add a few ornaments. Last year I added the fabulous "fireworks" lights, which I found at Tanglewood Garden Center.


I like to add a touch of decor to most of the rooms on the main floor, but particularly in the living room since the tree is in our entry way. The mantle is my favorite, but I also really like the little "cottage settings". We certainly don't need to a constant reminder of the ice outside, but I can't resist snowflake and ice decor. I leave most of these up until Valentine's day as  I consider them "winter" decor vs holiday decor.


The adorable little houses, which I purchases over a decade ago, are from Seasons of Cannon Falls, a Minnesota company. And the glass blown ornaments hanging above are my absolute fave.


The kitchen area gets a few decorations as well. From the dining table to the windows, I like to work in touches of evergreen and candles of balsm and cedar.


We have mice on our dessert table. There will be Last year I added these adorable dessert plates from Olive and Cocoa.

Illume candles are my favorite pillars. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but the color and fragrance are worth it. And they're a Minnesota company. Bonus!


In our basement, which we use as an extra family room/entertaining area, we have a second, more rustic tree that features all the ornaments my children have made over the years along with fun, brightly-colored ornaments. This is where we do our own gift opening on Christmas morning and spend a lot of cozy family time.


The rest of our basement decor is quite simple. We used to have more stockings than we have family members, but I've edited myself down to six (of course Smalls, our dog, needs a stocking!).



I've had this santa for about 20 years. Isn't he lovely?


Once winter arrives, we have hot chocolate and cookie bars set up in our basement through the month of February. With all the ice skating and snow play, plus occasional snow shoeing, it's nice to be able to come in and enjoy a nice warm beverage and sweet treat. The Keurig, which we keep off to the side, makes this so easy to do.


What's a hot chocolate bar without cute marshmallows?

The little santas all used to light up, but I think they're just as sweet with a simple candle-light glow.


How do you decorate for the holidays?












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