Thanksgiving Decor Part 3: The Tablescape

Crunch time is approaching! The Monday prior to Thanksgiving is my day to purchase any additional grocery needs as well as fresh cut flowers so I can put together floral arrangements and complete the tablescape.

I previously owned a flower/gift shop, so fresh flowers are generally a part of any celebration we have. I just NEED to include them. And since I love plants of all types, I often include potted plants as well.

This year I knew I wanted to include sempervivum, so I purchased those first. I happened to have three copper containers that were the perfect size, and that coordinated with the copper ribbon I used for place cards, so that's where I started.


Once I had the plants in place, I started building around them with the serving pieces I planned to use, adding candles, floral arrangements and other finishing touches. 

I found the CUTEST little place card holders at Target. Since I had already created my own place cards, I decided to use them to add a personal touch using Botaniquely illustrations along with thoughtful messages.

For candles, I like to use an assortment of shapes and sizes. The wonderful round candles have been with me over 10 years; I clearly don't burn them enough! I used Illume candles for all the other candles. The colors are FABULOUS, and the fragrance is equally amazing. The adult table had votives in Tonka Noir, while the "kid" table had three fragrances: heirloom pumpkin, tangerine teakwood, and fig.

After candles, I focus on florals. For the kids table I incorporated three small faux-floral wreaths that matched our fall decorations, so there really wasn't a need for fresh flowers. I did, however, add in a fresh kumquats and pomegranates. I find that adding a few fresh elements to faux-florals helps elevate them a bit, especially when they are front and center on your table.

The adult table needed the addition of fresh flowers, so I curated a grouping of vessels that matched my theme. All of these containers are from candles that I have used in the past year.

I often purchase large bouquets and break them down into smaller arrangements. This works as long as I like all the flowers that have been used; I tend to be a bit picky about my flowers!. Luckily, for fall florals I like mums, which seem to be in every bouquet this time of year. Seeded eucalyptus, hypericum berries, and hydrangeas are always near the top of my list for inclusion, whether I can find them in a bouquet or have to purchase them separately.


I came across happy sunflowers at Whole Foods (while making a quick stop for Dufour puff pastry) and I had left over fresh herbs from my meal prep, so those were added into the final arrangements as well.


Once the flowers were in place on the table, I could see where additions elements could be added. Fresh kumquats and pomegranates, velvet pumpkins, naked seeded eucalyptus stems, and random, coordinating elements were added to connect one element to another.



Whatever elements you go with, have fun with it! The tablescape is your opportunity to add your own personal touch to your table. You're setting the scene for a delicious dining experience; it should be as unique and memorable as the food you prepare.

In my next post I'll provide an overview of our Thanksgiving meal prep.

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