Thanksgiving Decor Part I

I love Thanksgiving. The decorating. The entertaining. And the food, oh, the food!

But the best part about Thanksgiving is the time to come together with family and friends in gratitude. No distractions with gifting or other traditions, Thanksgiving is a simple celebration that focuses on gratitude. What’s not to love?

To be fair, our celebration is on the not-so-simple side. I just can't help myself; get so much joy out of adding all the little details. I generally start about two weeks out by putting up our Thanksgiving decorations with some assistance from my daughters. They don’t get the same amount of joy from it, but I’m grateful for their participation.

Nothing says "Welcome!" like a beautiful wreath and decorated urns.


I love the look of velvet pumpkins, with real stems of course.



This patio door just begs to be decorated. Good thing we don't need to use it. The banner is by Meri Meri, one of my favorite stationers.


Thanksgiving decor fireplace mantle

Golden, glittered-letter perfection from Pottery Barn a few years ago.


The wreaths in the background are made from real maple leaves. I use Aquanet hairspray as a sealant to keep them looking good as new (they're actually over 5 years old).

In my next post I’ll share some details about putting together the beginning of a tablescape: your place settings.

How do you decorate for a Thanksgiving?

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