Duo Brow Brush

$ 18.50 USD

Professional dual-ended brow brush. Brush handle is made of birch wood and coated with a non-toxic and eco-friendly clear lacquer, brush fibers are made from a vegan synthetic taklon, and double crimped metal ferrule is made with aluminum.

Apply color with the flat angled side of the brush, and lightly brush hairs into place with the spoolie end. Approximately 6 inches in length. Color of brush fibers may vary.

D E T A I L S 

  • Professional dual-end brow brush for precise application
  • Eco-friendly, vegan and non-toxic materials
  • The perfect application companion for our Brow Pomade

T O   U S E 

Use the spoolie end of the evanhealy Duo Brow Brush to groom eyebrows into place. Apply a small amount of brow pomade with feather-like strokes by using the flat angled end of the brush. Follow the natural shape of your brow with less product to create a subtle, polished look. If desired, comb brows again with a clean spoolie to remove and blend excess pomade. A sculpted look can be achieved by first outlining the desired shape of the brow before filling in.

For a natural look, begin application a bit past the start of the brow using a light touch. Concentrate colour on the tail of the brow without extending too far beyond the outer corner of the eye.


Birch wood handle, Non-toxic & eco-friendly clear lacquer coating, Double-crimped aluminum metal ferrule, Vegan synthetic taklon fibers.

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