Moon and Jai

Healing Ritual Kit with Amethyst, clear quartz, selenite

$ 49.00 USD
Make sure you're equipped to create some powerful healing in your life through the use of this special kit known as our Moon and Jai HEALING Ritual kit! Like all our kits, each one is special with their own unique crystal. This chakra healing kit contains a beautiful purple crystal called Amethyst, one of the most powerful healing stones. This crystal for health will work its magic on healing, relieving stress and irritability, as well as disperse fear, anger, and anxiety.

With Moon and Jai meditation kits, you’ll receive an elegant and complete package consisting of: Palo Santo, Sage, Healing Crystals, matches, ritual + healing crystal qualities scroll. Everything you need to manifest your desires and achieving as well as maintaining a balanced sanctuary. Allow this kit to assist you in discovering your magic through a variety of uses, such as rituals, spells using crystals, feng shui, creating a high vibe home and more!

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