Natures Artifacts Inc

Galaxy Rainbow Amethyst Décorator/Room Crystal

$ 199.80 USD
The stunning Galaxy Rainbow Amethyst shines mesmerizing shades of light very rarely seen in any other gemstone. Its calming, grounding and healing properties stimulate the right side of the brain and help remove impurities, strengthen immunity and alleviate stress, anxiety and tension. Ideal to place in Meditation space. This sensational multi colored piece makes a fantastic center piece for any living room, side desks or coffee tables. A beautiful gift for avid crystal enthusiasts. Add this gorgeous crystal piece to enchant your customers with the most amazing crystal collection!. Each piece with vary in size, weight and look as its natural and unique. Approx. Weight Range Mini: 0.50-1.00 lbs Small: 1.00-1.50 lbs Medium: 1.50-2.00 lbs Large: 2.00-2.50 lbs XL: 2.50-3.00 lbs 2XL: 3.00-3.50 lbs 3XL: 3.50-4.00 lbs 4XL: 4.00-4.50 lbs 5XL: 4.50-5.00 lbs

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