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Green Aventurine Tree - Green Aventurine Crystal

$ 26.00 USD
Green Aventurine, also known as the “Stone of Opportunity,” opens the door of prosperity and brings good luck to the bearer and their loved ones. In Ancient wisdom, Trees have been regarded as symbols of physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation, sustenance and spiritual growth. The Green Aventurine Tree couples the healing vibrations of the crystal with the power of tree of life. With its soothing color it makes a stunning display item for any room in the house and a beautiful gift for any occasion. Our Green Aventurine tree brings with itself protective energy to shield from EMF radiation, cell phone signals and other electronic rays. It is perfect to place on the work or study desk for achieving best results. Buy our Green Aventurine Tree of Life Pendant, to entice your customers with the finest healing crystals. Sold: Per piece

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