Natures Artifacts Inc

Selenite Large Offering Bowl | Selenite Healing Crystal 6"

$ 35.00 USD
Hand made by artisans in Morocco, approx. 5.50 - 6". Each piece will be unique. The Selenite Large Offering Bowl, hand-carved and polished to perfection, is a beautiful piece with amazing energy. It has the ability to shield a person or space from negative forces. The powerful healing vibration of Selenite activates all Chakras, especially the Crown Chakra. The bowl's properties coupled with the aligned Chakras dispense calmness and enable smooth flow of positive energy within them and anything placed within them. This makes the Selenite Bowl, a must have energy tool, ideal for naturally clearing, charging and reactivating gemstone jewelry and crystals. It is also useful for placing salts & herbs for meditation and healing practices. Add our supreme quality Selenite collection, sourced from Morocco, to your store to elevate your product range and entice your customers.

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