The Hawk

This morning I spotted a majestic hawk, I believe a Broad Winged, perched in the silver maple tree outside my bedroom window. Shortly after grabbing my phone to take a photo, he swooped down, likely to capture one of the many squirrels darting from tree to tree. We noticed him again later in the day, resting in an old willow tree, presumably too full from his dinner to fly home.

As is my practice on Sundays, I spent time meditating and then pulled cards. One of my favorite decks in The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck by Kim Krans. Can you guess what card I pulled? Yep, it was the Hawk.

The Hawk, of course, is an air spirit. I always find it interesting when I pull an air animal spirit because in Ayurvedic practice Vata, the dosha of air and ether, is the dosha least present in my body. It always feels like a call to reconnect with my intuition and creativity.

According to the deck guidebook, the Hawk is the watchful, all-seeing messenger of divinity:

“The sharp eyes of the Hawk watch our every move. This keen-eyed bird has the ability to see every little detail as well as the bigger picture. When this card appears, fate has its eyes on you, and the winds are shifting. It is said that the Hawk carries news upon its wings and is sent from divinity itself to deliver it. The message should not be taken lightly…though it may seem small or insignificant, it will eventually redirect your course.”

I could choose to simply view the appearance of the hawk as a bird hunting in an area with abundant food. This is an accurate observation. But it is also true that things of which we are unaware or fail to see are constantly occurring in nature. Why did I happen to be looking outside at the right time? What drew me to gaze out our windows at precisely the time the hawk was in view on two separate occasions?

I choose to listen. To open myself to possibility.

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