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When I launched this blog 3 years ago, it was a full moon, a Beaver Moon to be exact. I thought it was fitting to have our first post publish on a full moon. My life, and this endeavor, fill me with gratitude. I especially liked that it was a Beaver Moon, considering that we share our little inlet to the lake we Iive on with a family of beavers. According to whatismyspiritanimal.com, beavers symbolize creativity and productivity. Beavers build things. They are tied to "accomplishment through cooperation, resourcefulness and building from the ground up". That hasn't changed, but my focus has.

I'm still passionate about plants, entertaining, traveling, reading, and making connections with the people and world around me. Actually, I'm passionate about LIVING. Maybe that's the reason I'm so drawn to the outdoors in general. It's so easy to go to gratitude when you embrace the natural world, the wonder of it all. 

But more and more I'm considering the inner landscape and making deeper connections within myself. What is it that I really want from this one, wild, precious life? And what kind of impact are my interactions with the outside world having on not just me, but on it as well? From people and places to food and selfcare products, I've been striving for a new, more insightful way of interacting with the world.  

It's a new way of being. A sort of conscious creativity or moving meditation. Or maybe both? It's not always easy, but it is always worth it—even when it hurts. 

Allowing ourselves to disconnect from our busy lives and go inside fundamentally changes things. I invite you to slow down and be curious not just about the outer world, but about the inner world as well. It will be the beginning of what I hope will become a lasting relationship. And all need more of that in our lives these days, don't we? It may not be a personal relationship, but that doesn't mean it can't be meaningful.

So, much like our beaver friends, let's start building things. Connections. Relationships. Healthy habits. And let's do it together, because accomplishment without cooperation just isn't enough anymore. 



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