About Us

Welcome to Botaniquely!

Botaniquely is a destination site for the creative lover of nature. Based in Minnesota, Botaniquely was started by Gina Fink Kosek, avid gardener, adventurer, creator. Her mission (dare we say obsession) and the mission of Botaniquely is to translate her love of gardening, plants, and nature into a unique collection of items that can be shared with other lovers of the natural world.

We strive to surprise and delight you with unexpected, exclusive designs for your home, office, and beyond. All of our designs are hand drawn and colorized with the assistance of digital technology (thank you iPad Pro and  Apple Pencil!) and are inspired by the natural world around us. Our introductory collection—the Forest Art Collection—is an artistic reflection of both real and imagined plants, moss, and fungi.

In tandem with our retail site, we have launched a blog as well as a social media community. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to learn more about plants (particularly trees, shrubs, and perennials rated to Zone 4), our adventures (from travel to gardening to entertaining), and our creative process. Our goal is to create a community where Botanqiuely customers can connect and share their love of nature while learning more about the world around us.