Vibe Beaded Necklace | Onyx

$ 45.00 USD

NATURAL ONYX & PURE SILK NECKLACE. designed to accompany you wherever you roam. A layering dream and excellent for gift giving. Onyx is a protective and grounding stone said to enhance intuition, instinct and self confidence. Onyx is beneficial for those having difficulty concentrating or focusing attention by releasing worries that consume your mind, allowing you to feel at ease in your current state. Onyx opens better flow of positive energies, enabling you to feel lighter, more vibrant and energetic. It also vanishes old habits, facilitating mastery of your own destiny.

• 100% metal free
• Stones measure approx. 95mm x 2mm
• Adjust freely to your desired length up to 30 inches long
• Comes showcased on a signature Vibe card containing gemstone meaning and made with beautiful recycled paper

Vibe celebrates the intrinsic connection between humans and nature. This limited-edition jewelry is sustainably handcrafted by a team of mindful artisans in collaboration with Mother Earth in Austin, Texas.

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