Natures Artifacts Inc

Crystal Candle Crown Chakra | Crystal Candle for Seventh

$ 45.00 USD
An invigorating blend of premium all natural-soy wax with fragrance of lavender flower; topped with clear quartz crystal, our crown chakra candle opens the seventh chakra that helps to remove blocks, connect one with one's higher self and enhance spiritual wisdom. Ideal for meditation, for aiding relaxation and for elevating a space with a sense of balance. Perfect gift for any occasion. Hand-made in Canada, with great passion and care, with a total burn time of 30+ hours. Make our diverse range of hand-poured, 100% natural chakra candles, a part of your product range to offer your customers a divine healing experience aligned with the energy that resonates through each chakra. Sold: per piece. Weight: 11 oz. Origin: Canada.

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