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Angel Aura Amethyst Cluster Adjustable Gold plated Ring

$ 28.00 USD
Angel Aura Amethyst is Amethyst bonded with Gold and Iridium. It is a combination of the soothing and stress relieving qualities of Amethyst and the peaceful and effervescent qualities of Angel Aura. It is the ultimate stone of peace and divine clearing. Our stunning Angel Aura Amethyst Cluster Ring has Gold plating to enhance its look and make it a gorgeous and stylish accessory to complement any outfit, and a great addition to any jewelry collection. is perfect to be worn at all times as it infuses the aura of the wearer with its rainbow spectrum of light and adds loving energy. Its calming and psychic abilities provide a wonderful meditative experience and help develop psychic abilities. Perfect gift for family and friends who are fond of jewelry and seek healing through crystals. With its beauty and intense healing powers, this ring will definitely be a hot seller for your store! Sold: Per piece Origin: Brazil

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