Natures Artifacts Inc

Natural Amethyst Cluster Pendant Gold Plated

$ 21.00 USD
Our natural Amethyst cluster pendant with gold plating is a classic piece with mesmerizing cuts and purple glow. It helps the wearer relieve stress, alleviate sadness and dispel negativity. It works to promote tranquility, balance, and peace while healing many kinds of addictions and destructive behaviors. It helps improve focus and motivation making it ideal to wear during meditation and energy healing sessions. Activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. Makes an elegant and beautiful accessory to complement any outfit while purifying surroundings and creating a shield of spiritual light around the wearer. Tasteful gift for crystal lovers. Buy our natural Amethyst Cluster Pendant, to offer finest quality crystal jewelry to your customers. Sold: Per piece Origin: Brazil

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