Natures Artifacts Inc

Prosperity Crystal Kit

$ 20.00 USD
Our Prosperity Crystal Kit has 6 healing crystals that have been carefully curated by our experts as the perfect combination to manifest abundance and prosperity. It includes: -Pyrite -Lepidolite -Hematite -Smoky Quartz -Carnelian -Green Aventurine This kit is a thoughtful gift for individuals seeking wealth, success, abundance and prosperity in life or ones with avid interest in crystal healing. Makes a wonderful addition for your spiritual healing rituals, meditation pratices or crystal grids. They are perfect in size to carried in bag or pocket, kept under pillow or on bedside table. The box contains details describing the properties of the the included gemstones. Add our complete range of Crystal Kits to your store collection to offer unique products to your customers. Sold: Per Set

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