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Trolleite Mini Butterfly | Trolleite Animals

$ 19.00 USD
The beautiful trolleite, hand carved in shape of a butterfly, makes a collector's item for avid crystal lovers and a unique home decor item. Trolleite is a crystal of powerful manifestation that attracts based on desires. It activates and works with all energy centers and is a perfect tool for healing because it opens a divine connection to increase metaphysical and spiritual powers. It strengthens intuition, cleans up emotional and mental clutter, and opens the passage to enlightenment. Excellent for light workers and healers. Ideal for Meditation Spaces, Reiki and healing practices. Buy our supreme quality Trolleite Butterfly, sourced from Brazil, with complete confidence that it will be a perfect addition to your crystal range. Sold: Per piece, Size: 1 inch. Origin: Brazil.

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