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Positivity Crystal-Infused Soy Wax Candle

$ 50.00 USD

Welcome in a delightful and joyous energy, restoring a sense of fun and childlike wonder. Fortify the spirit by embracing the magic and joy of simple being. Topped with rose quartz + Dalmatian jasper, this beautiful Positivity Crystal-Infused Soy Wax Candle will surround you with a sweet black raspberry + vanilla fragrance.

R O S E   Q U A R T Z   Powerful but gentle energy that soothes and calms. Considered to be the crystal of unconditional love, opening the heart to foster empathy and promote self love. Emits a soft healing vibration that is joyous to the soul.

D A L M A T I O N   J A S P E R   Promotes happiness.

B L A C K   T O U R M A L I N E   I N C L U S I O N S Helps to cleanse and purify the aura. Transmutes negative energy in the auric field, transforming the negative into positive.


  • Scent of ripe black raspberries mixed with dark plum and warm vanilla
  • Premium, all-natural soy wax
  • 30+ hour burn time

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