Moon and Jai

Prosperity Ritual Kit with Citrine crystal

$ 49.00 USD
Do you crave for a life with unlimited prosperity and financial freedom? Perhaps you’re thinking about giving a thoughtful gift? Our Moon and Jai PROSPERITY ritual kit will be sure to subsidize you in granting your wishes! With this kit, you can gain the ability to create and maintain abundance and prosperity. The Citrine stone included in this elegant package will help in acquiring and maintaining wealth, as well attracting success and prosperity, guaranteeing you to achieve your goals swiftly! Use this stone for wealth and success to create rituals/spells for wealth and prosperity and more.

With Moon and Jai meditation kits, you’ll receive an elegant and complete package consisting of: Palo Santo, Sage, Healing Crystals, matches, ritual + healing crystal qualities scroll. Everything you need to manifest your desires and achieving as well as maintaining a balanced sanctuary. Allow this kit to assist you in discovering your magic through a variety of uses, such as rituals, spells using crystals, feng shui, creating a high vibe home and more!

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