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Warming Muscle Rub with Capsaicin | 3 oz

$ 45.00 USD

A warming muscle rub super-infused with a unique blend of powerful, natural ingredients--such as Capsaicin*, Turmeric, Ginger, Camphor, Cloves and Cinnamon--to instantly soothe, relieve and relax sore, chronic, achy muscles. This balm gently warms and stimulates circulation, to help keep muscles and joints loose before and after exercise. Good for the skin and it smells great – not like your usual sports rub!  Look at our ingredients and you’ll see nothing but pain-relieving herbs, oils and botanical extracts that have been used to soothe over-worked muscles for centuries. Our Warming Muscle Rub does the job naturally and effectively without chemicals or artificial ingredients. Plus, our base ingredients soften and smooth skin while pure essential oils melt away the tension. 100% Petroleum-free. Rub this stuff in – you deserve it! 

*Capsaicin or Capsicum, is the ingredient found in different types of hot peppers, such as cayenne peppers, that makes the peppers spicy hot. You can eat it raw, cooked or as a dried powder, which you can add to food or drinks. It also is available as a dietary supplement and in topical creams that you apply to your skin. When a capsaicin cream or ointment is used on the skin (topical use), capsaicin helps relieve pain. Capsaicin works by first stimulating and then decreasing the intensity of pain signals in the body. Although pain may at first increase, it usually decreases after the first use. Capsaicin stimulates the release of a compound believed to be involved in communicating pain between the nerves in the spinal cord and other parts of the body.

When you apply it to the skin, capsaicin may help relieve pain from:

  • Pain disorders, including pain after surgery.
  • Nervous system problems such as diabetic neuropathy, trigeminal neuralgia, and postherpetic neuralgia (shingles).
  • Cluster headaches.
  • Joint problems such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Skin conditions such as psoriasis.

What you should know

  • Do not use this medication if you are allergic to chili peppers, or if you have ever had an allergic reaction to capsaicin topical.
  • Ask a doctor or pharmacist about using capsaicin topical if you have any allergies or serious medical conditions. Do not use this medication on anyone younger than 18 years old without the advice of a doctor.
  • Do not apply to open wounds or irritated skin, and avoid getting the medicine on contact lenses, dentures, and other items that come into contact with sensitive areas of your body.
  • Capsaicin can cause a burning sensation, which is usually mild and should lessen over time with continued use. If the burning sensation causes significant discomfort or skin redness, wash the treated skin area with soap and cool water. Get medical attention right away if you have severe burning, pain, swelling, or blistering of the skin where you applied this ointment.
  • Avoid getting capsaicin topical in your mouth or eyes or near your nose.
  • Seek emergency medical attention if you think you have used too much of this balm, or if anyone has accidentally swallowed it. Accidental swallowing of capsaicin can cause problems with swallowing or breathing.
  • It may take up to 2 weeks of using this balm regularly before your symptoms improve. For best results, keep using the balm as directed.
  • Call your doctor if your pain does not improve after using this balm for 7 days, or if your symptoms get worse or get better and then come back in a few days.
  • We recommend using plastic gloves when applying this balm.

Using Heat and Cold to Reduce Pain

Use cold for acute pain or a new swollen/inflamed injury (Cooling Muscle Spray). 

Use heat for chronic pain or an injury that is a day or more old (Warming Muscle Rub). 

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